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Connection Procedure

Basic Information on ACDPDP


Connection Procedure






1. Join the Agreement on Information Interaction


Download both the Agreement and the Application Form.


Print two copies of the Application Form. Fill both hard copies. The list of Appendixes in the Application must correspond to the real set of Appendixes you will actually be using. Delete the ones you are not using. Do not forget to fill in blank spaces corresponding to the number of pages FOR EACH of the Appendixes. Should you have any question, do not hesitate to ask by email at: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..


Set your company’s boss’ hand on both Application copies and seal them by the company seal.


Send a scanned copy of the signed & sealed Application for review at the above mentioned e-mail address.


If a person signing the Application is not the actual head of your company, provide with a document (e.g., power of attorney) confirming that the Signer of the Application has the authority to sign such documents on behalf of your company.


Before sealing the envelope double-check if it contains two hard signed and sealed copies of the Application. Both copies of the Application have to be filled in, sealed (with the company stamp - usually round) and signed. Only the Application is required, do not include the Agreement.


Submit both signed & sealed copies of the Application at the following mailing address:


FSUE “ZaschitaInfoTrans”, Varshavskoe shosse 9, stroenie 1 (korpus "Meshcherin"), Moscow, 117105, Russian Federation


2. Negotiate a Connection Scheme


If your company plans to submit data to ACDPDP via SITA (Type B protocol, UN/EDIFACT message format) or via the ACDPDP Internet site bypass this step.


3. Test the Operational Readiness of Your Information System for Use with ACDPDP


If your company is planning to utilize a commonly used DCS to transmit data to ACDPDP, we can choose to skip the data transmission test. We have already tested connectivity and compatibility between several widely known DSCs and ACDPDP.


Test consists of transmission of sample messages containing passenger data from your system to a test version of ACDPDP and checks for correct formation of data you submit. Technical information for test connection, including addresses and login credentials, will be provided by our technical support.


If you submit data in CSV format it is possible to send both passengers and crew data in one file, and not use separate ones.


You will have a limited timeframe for the test transmission (five working days).


After the test we will provide you with a list of errors in your test data (or lack thereof).


4. Choose or Create a Secure Channel for Data Submission


Option 1. VPN-channel over the Internet. The transferring party must purchase, install, and configure ViPNet terminal, client, or coordinator. The IGIS TS service operator will provide key distributives to configure ViPNet after signing the agreement and successful passing the test.


Option 2 (for air operators only). It is possible to use SITA industry telecommunications network to arrange data transfer at a SITA address indicated by the IGIS TS service operator.


Option 3. Interactive (manual) data entry at the ACDPDP web-portal by means of a web-browser. Information security is provided in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Other options matching the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on information security will be negotiated.


When the test is successful, and a secure channel is created or chosen, you will get your copy of the Application (sealed & signed by our Director General), along with all the settings necessary to connect to the live ACDPDP gateway/portal.


With this, you can begin transmitting the actual personal data on your passengers to ACDPDP.