Integrated Government Information System of Transport Security (IGIS TS)


The basis for the ensuring of transport security and a unified secure information space for public safety on transport


Information technologies

Implementation period



Information support for public security on transport


Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 403 dated 31 March 2010, in July 2010 the Government of the Russian Federation approved the Integrated programme for ensuring public security on transport, which initiated the creation of the Integrated Government Information System of Transport Security (IGIS TS) as a priority area for the Integrated programme and the basis for the secure closed information space of executive bodies of all levels in the field of transport security
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is the authorized federal executive body for the creation and functioning of the IGIS TS.
Pursuant to the Order of the President of the Russian Federation No. 777-rp dated 30 November 2011, FSUE “ZaschitaInfoTrans” of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation was appointed to perform the works.

Tasks of the IGIS TS

Creation of a unified secure closed information space in the field of transport security
Collection and processing of data on preliminary
Passenger information for international and interregional transportation
Digitization of processes for providing state services and for fulfilling state functions in the field of transport security
Information support for the certification of transport security forces
Collection and processing of data on ensuring transport security measures
Collection and processing of restricted access information

Project Description

The integrated Government Information System of Transport Security (IGIS TS) is a secure state territorially distributed information system that includes federal and regional facilities located in all federal districts and united by secure communication channels.

Thousands of information systems of Russian and foreign transportation subjects, as well as the information systems of federal executive bodies are interfaced with IGIS TS.

The functional capabilities of the IGIS TS are comparable to those of leading international analogues. In addition, as compared with other countries, the IGIS TS ensures a wider coverage of the subjects of transport activities, including transport infrastructure subjects and road, air, rail, sea and inland river carriers engaged in interregional and international passenger carriage, as well as executive bodies of all levels, specialist organizations, transport infrastructure subjects as part of their activities for ensuring transport security.

Key results

The collected data are transferred in real time to authorized federal bodies
Two federal data processing centres have been deployed in Moscow and Moscow Region
An operations service, technical support service and call centre have been set up
Departmental segments of the IGIS TS have been established in the transport security departments of transport type-specific federal agencies and federal service, as well as in their 31 territorial departments on the territories of all federal districts
Interfacing is provided with the external information systems of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, other federal bodies and organizations
The infrastructure has been created for collecting the personal data of passengers and crew of all types of transport

Description of the IGIS TS
(advantages and key information about the system)

The foundation has been developed for a unified federal-scale secure closed information space for transport security
A high-load real-time information system has been created and put into operation
A geographically distributed secure infrastructure with automated facilities has been deployed in all federal districts of the Russian Federation
A secure execution has been designed for all software and hardware systems for processing and storing confidential information and personal data as well as information constituting state secrets
11 Eleven federal executive bodies, dozens of their territorial departments and hundreds of specialist organizations have been connected
145 Carriers from more than 145 countries transfer data to the IGIS TS
8500 The system receives data from more than 8,500 carriers, transport infrastructure subjects, operators of automated systems for arranging passenger transportation, global and regional distributed systems and transportation booking systems
> 200thousand Restricted access data is generated and processed in the system for more than 200 thousand transport infrastructure facilities and vehicles, tens of thousands of transport infrastructure subjects, thousands of carriers, hundreds of certification bodies, and certification and specialist organizations.

EGIS OTB has received the following awards

Photo Winner of the National industry award “For Strengthening Russia’s Security”, ZUBR-2015
Photo Winner of the First National Award “Transport Security of Russia – 2015”