About us


A state enterprise specializing in digitalization and implementing innovations in the transport industry.

A system integrator for the creation, design and deployment of large-scale transport solutions

An expert in the field of information security and transport security solutions

An authorized developer and operator of the Integrated Government Information System of Transport Security (IGIS TS)


By combining the interests of the state and business and by constantly improving our skills, we develop standards, implement global IT and digital projects and deploy innovations, best industry business practices in transport for enhancing the accessibility, quality and security of transport services for the public and ensure the competitiveness of Russian businesses

Facts and Figures

25+ years of experience in IT, transport and information security
100+ implemented research and development, and design projects
180+ implemented projects
for the development of information systems
30+ implemented unique state projects (including IGIS TS)
250+ highly qualified specialists (including 17+ PhDs)
24/7/365 technical support for state
and commercial information systems


Federal State Unitary Enterprise ZashchitaInfoTrans of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is the successor to the Federal State Enterprise Attestation Centre Zheldorinformzaschita of the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation, established in 1996 by joint decision of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the State Technical Commission under the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation

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Awards and achievements

TOP 5:
Largest IT vendors for transport companies 2019
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